DataFirst archives and provides access to a substantial number of datasets. Please click here to download the data from our website.

The data is available to everyone.

Obtaining datasets through the Online Data Portal

In order to download datasets from our site, you must first register as a user. Do this by clicking the "Login" link at the top right of the page and then selecting "Register". 

You then need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the email you will receive from us.

Once registered you can use the "Login" link to log in.

You can immediately download public data (shown with a green arrow) once you have submitted the online form giving information on your research.

Licensed data (shown with an orange arrow) can be requested through the portal and within a day your request will be reviewed by our staff. If your request is approved you can then log in and download the data.

All data downloads require specifying intended use and agreeing to certain terms, including respecting confidentiality and sending us citations of your eventual publications based on analysis of the data.

You can access the data here.

Any queries can be sent to our Support site or email our Support Site.

Secure Data Service

We hold a few sensitive datasets that we cannot make available for download, even after review. Access to this data is restricted by the owners of the data, usually for confidentiality reasons.

We have set up a Secure Data Service through which researchers will be able to access and analyse (but not copy) the data. Using the Secure Data will require visiting our Secure Research Data Centre in the Economics Building on Middle Campus at the University of Cape Town.

You can apply for accreditation to use our Secure Data Service at